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See you in March….

What I may be imbibing until I return in March...

What I may be imbibing until I return in March…

lunch and heroes

My team had a good bye lunch for one of the fellows who’s rolling off. Eventually the talk turned to everyone’s favorite meals growing up. Since some of the guys are quiet, I try to draw them out a bit.

We had Irish, Slovak, Hispanic and Indian ideas offered up.

“What’s your favorite family meal?” I asked J.

“We just ate whatever there was, there usually wasn’t much.”

Silence from the rest of the team.

J continued, “It was the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and my parents were taken from the university and placed on a farm to be laborers. In fact, I had developed a fever that wouldn’t subside and my family took me to the hospital, but there were no doctors. As they left to return home one of the janitors followed them out of the building. He told them that their baby was very sick, and he would die if he did not receive medicine. It turns out the janitor was a doctor who had been reassigned, and by speaking to J’s parents the doctor was risking his life.”

J’s parents got the medicine and herbs the doctor advised and the little boy was saved.

We all sat for a minute, and I felt how precious life is, and how fragile it can be. I am often reminded that when the world looks bleakest, that heroes and goodness remain.

Here’s to everyday heroes who do good, you chance might be right around the corner.

city lights – cycling

I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow the lights of the city…

Does not a bike capture the best of being young at heart?

you can take the kid off of the bike…

the brightness of the lights – cycling

When I was a kid, we used to have streamers and take baseball cards and use clothespins to attach them so the spokes made them echo a baritone trrrrrrpppppp as we rode. Progress is good,
and cyclist visibility makes all the difference. Here’s to being different.


the bike as art

Form and function as art

Form and function as art

I don't know if I would commute on this bike, or frame it...

I don’t know if I would commute on this bike, or frame it…

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the french christmas table – food

Everyone has their holiday favorites, but I thought I’d share this list that illustrates why I so love France. In the little village all the restaurants are closed for family is very important, so as the note I received from my beloved sister and brother in-law in France shows… one must make do…

French cooking frenzy,
amuse bouche: cappucino of chestnuts with flakes of foie gras
starter: coquille st jacques “Normande”, (scallops in calvados cream sauce )
salad: field salad with apples and toasted walnuts, vinaigrette of walnut and maple syrup
Terrine of goose Foie gras with truffles
Beef Tournedos with jus, truffled potatoes
Cheese plate (Abundance, Reblochon, Langres, Burgundy double cream with Truffle
Buche de Noel
wines: Sauterne, St Romain (Burgundy white)…Champagne!!!!
We are Christmasing
Tomorrows menu is even better

Merry Christmas

Holiday cheer – food

A vendor took us to lunch, a holiday/goodbye thing.

Liquor 43, with the flavor of vanilla.

Liquor 43, with the flavor of vanilla.

A memorable end to a feast. May your holidays be a feast of joy and light.


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