love and life

What experience has taught me about love and life…

Love is a verb, which implies action.  It doesn’t come to you, you must love.

The heart has endless capacity, the more you love, the more you can love.

You can have more than one great love, what is required is to be willing to love greatly.

Judge your risks shrewdly, and when they are in your favor seize them and take
the chance.  Don’t regret if it goes awry, this is what living is all about.

Love is that condition in which another’s happiness is essential to your own — Heinlein

How to catch a man?  Run away as fast as you can, but not so fast that he cannot catch you.

Flirting is easy, smile at him, then turn away and smile shyly again.  Works every time.

Ask him to help you, ( even if you can do it better yourself ), and let him. It makes him
feel important.

Need him, but don’t be needy, surprise him, keep him off balance.

You cannot fix anyone, they must choose to fix themselves.

Never marry a person with more problems than you have, give them a chance to fix it,
or move on.

The best revenge is to live well, and love well.

And last, but not least… Men are like street cars, miss one, catch the next…

One Comment on “love and life”

  1. N. Webb says:

    Beautifully said clearly from the heart

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