glorious days

The sun shone brightly today,  and it was only a three layer day, UnderArmour liner against the skin, fleece, and windbreaker for bicycle riding.  Yesterday it snowed and was a five layer day, amazing how you can sweat riding a bicycle outside in the blowing snow and wind.

My Gary Fisher 29er and I braved the wet paths ( but not the fragile single track that cannot be ridden wet ) and sloshed our way around the natural prairie near Naperville.  The sun, the solitude ( few ride in the winter following snow in the slop and slush ), the promise of the prairie — waiting to be reborn in spring, and the joy of movement combine to lift my spirits.

Yesterday in the snow, I rode past a humane society building ( homeless pet shelter ) and thought I would stop in and walk a dog or help.  No, fill out forms, and take a course, and come on schedule.   There is no spontaneity, are we all worker ants who fulfill our single  duty, or robots cast to play our role by some secret marketer on high?    Alas poor dogs, I will return, when I muster my courage to brave the system!

What about you, what do you do when spirits are low?

Me, I climb on my bike, and let the miles pass under me as I glide like a bird, savoring the
joy of movement.  Or I retreat to my most trusted of companions, books, and re-read
about Marius and Cosette, Aragorn, Hari Seldon and Winston Churchill and let them inspire me.

Or, as a last resort ( keep this secret ) I jump in the shower and sing loudly from my favorite
tunes.  Works every time!

Enlighten me, for where there is life, there is hope, and where hope is, we can Live, and Love, and Laugh.

One Comment on “glorious days”

  1. Shannon says:

    I have learned that it’s impossible to cry when you are jogging no matter how sad you are!

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