ct scan

Well the last of the requirements are finished.  All set for the operation.  The CT scan was very quick, the tech had advised me that I would feel warmth, and might feel like I needed to urinate, but when he opened the line with the iodine, my body interpreted the warmth as though I had just peed my pants.  Good thing he warned me.

Afterwards ask them to see the images, it is amazing to see the three dimensional image of your body appear before you, and look from the inside out.

That’s it for 2011, may your 2012 be on of healing, growth and joy.  Declare your dreams, write them down, and each day take a step towards them.

2 Comments on “ct scan”

  1. Huh, never thought to ask to see the images. Great idea. Blast it, I just had scans done; sure wish I’d have read this sooner. And yes, that sensation is so odd–it is a good thing they give us some warning!

  2. cabecada says:

    I had an xray of my ribs done once, i wish I could have kept a copy of it.

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