150 millicuries – and saliva

The next dose is due at 1:00 pm central.  Let us hope it is the last one needed.

The biggest risk from this treatment, aside from cancer somewhere else, is that it kills your salivary glands.  Some people believe that you should suck hard candies to flush them immediately, and others believe that you should wait 24 hours before doing so.

After looking at some articles, it appears that the best approach is to wait the 24 hours.  By clearing them earlier, it promotes more blood flow earlier, causing more exposure to the radiation.

The radioligist recommends start right away.  The endocrinologist recommends wait 24 hours.

I looked at the abstracts of two studies, one from Hong Kong on the internet, and one provided by my endocrinologist.

As always, in for a dime, in for a dollar.  I wait.

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