It is 08:00 and the sun is rising in the clear blue sky over Naperville.

The grass is painted by a billion tiny shards of crystal, soon to evaporate away. Back from  a morning ride, my cheeks a rosy red,  but now warm as I gaze out through my window over the back yard as it shares this sparkling  glory, I spot an opossum near the fence as it moves slowly but confidently toward the  house.

It walks with a purpose, placing each pad down as if the little frosty shards covering each blade of grass might slice it with tiny knives of cold.  It is big, with a white coat lined with grey, and a long slender tail.   Step by careful step, it comes closer, and I can see a thin fine snout.  I can’t help but think how pretty you are in your fine coat.  Did you get dressed up for your evening?  Have you been out all night finding a lover, and are just now come home to bed?

Sleep well little marsupial, just like me we will see what tomorrow brings.



One Comment on “marsupial”

  1. janet says:

    Unfortunately, the lovely thing (and it is lovely) is probably living under our deck. Sigh. Hopefully the ammonia will work but how will we know?

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