Hard to really make a a true haiku verse in English since there are so many requirements specific to Japanese. However it is such a delightful form of expression, almost like linguistic Sudoku.

Glorious dogwood

Now arrayed in purest white

Spring, Ah, Ah, Ah, Choo!



White glistening pill

Toxic poison,  fervent hope

Cold, Spring illusions



Mayhem, carnage, blood

Fulfilling heroic quests

Joy, PlayStation Three

3 Comments on “haiku”

  1. I thought your last post, “Managing” was so beautifully written as to almost be a poem itself. In its essence it almost was a haiku, hidden inside prose:
    “Meetings consume the
    Days. Cryptic commands. My screen
    Glows and bathes my face.”

    • billgncs says:

      Thanks, I would be lying if I said I had planned it, I just try to write pictures that sometimes show longing.

      When I read it again, and assume my subconscious had input, ( I will have to rely on you to determine if that is possible ), I would say it was about impending loss and change, and that sometimes beauty is lost through change but change is inevitable. It may also show my wife and children why I sometimes go back into work, for the beauty.

  2. cabecada says:

    Choo, choo, ah!

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