homonyms and homophones

I get confused you may have herd,
on how to use the English words.
I never was much good in class
especially when it came to math

The principle struck me with fear
When he looked at me and said “come hear”
For when won plus won is always too
seems wrong to me, how ’bout to ewe?

And the rest of life has not been easy
so many things that make me queasy
But I don’t give up or worse give in
I’m my father’s sun through thick and thin

Someday I’ll find the perfect job
one that won’t make me shake and sob
Perhaps true love will assuage my fears
When I find and wed that perfect deer.

Some days are just silly days.

3 Comments on “homonyms and homophones”

  1. billgncs says:

    I took a “peak” to find assuage
    the whole of google I did engage
    alas, the search returned but one
    Still, using it is so much fun…

    It is just a word I like to use.
    Glad you liked the poem.


  2. thirdplan8 says:

    I LOVE it!! It is soooo funny!!
    Just one question. In the second to last line, where it says Perhaps true love will assuage my fears, what is the other spelling/meaning of assuage?

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