Eighteen hours of work to process and upgrade
a datacenter, and one sleepless night.

Night without end 200 hundred UNIX servers patched
Sweet battle plans align with the stars and tested steps
But chaos always smiles and casts down the gauntlet
Millions on the line, bring those servers up or pay the cost…

Six dare the night, fueled on mountain dew, herbal teas and diet coke
Orchestrate electronic silence, amidst fans who roar like lions
and icy cold chills those who brave the sterile rows
temples of silicon who we worship as they control our modern lives

Dawn rises like the Phoenix, new code patched and pristine
but reboots bring death as MTBF becomes our greatest foe
process is the healing hand, as might and mind scour memory
google searching for the kiss of life that servers need

Corrupt boot archive, that curse of Solaris 10 arrives
unwanted guest, corrupt Chicago politician staying much to long at our expense
triage three plans and start them all that we might survive
and at the end of the granted window, be finished.


Not very good, but very tired.

2 Comments on “patching”

  1. I always thought IT stuff was mysterious and now I’m more confounded than ever! 🙂

    • billgncs says:

      ( smile ) — UNIX guys tend to the eccentric, and when we get the team overnight to patch ( apply security updates ) against our hundreds of servers things it can get crazy, and the pressure can be overwhelming.

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