delightful tapas

I discovered tapas ( those delightful Spanish appetizers ) by accident. I happened to park in front a restaurant in Naperville, IL that served them, and strolled in to try one. I have been a fan ever since. Designed as finger food, tapas are best shared with friends, where you can each savor the variety of different tastes where each bite is accented with cheese or a sauce to help bring out the maximum flavor.

With that in mind, my wife and oldest daughter and I stopped in to Meson Sabika for lunch. The house is old and grand, and in a past life and time it was a stop in the underground railroad, that secret organization that helped escaped slaves from the South to freedom in the North. The huge lawns and patio look perfect for summer meals outside, but in today’s rainy Chicago weather we gladly accept our small table inside.

I am late, a meeting at work delays me, and when I arrive my wife and daughter have begun to enjoy garlic potato salad and a goat cheese crepe.
Delicious and creamy, they have saved me some ( or I arrived too soon ) and we move to the next course. Tapas are eaten slowly. Take your time, chat enjoy and each delight or two arrives to continue the feast. Fresh crab on small slices of bread with a balsamic reduction and a skirt steak with a creme sauce and blue cheese served on potatoes arrive. Each bite brings a savory burst of flavor.

12 month aged Manchego, fresh tomatoes and delicious ham

Serrano with twelve month aged Manchego cheese, one of my favorites. It is the little things like the ripe tomatoes, the twelve month instead of the six month cheese, that show the restaurant’s commitment to excellence. We follow that with a veggie paella, one more delicious course for our leisurely lunch.

Veggie Paella

and we finish up with a delightful dessert.

Molten chocolate cake, with almond pound cake

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  1. I LOVE tapas! We’re finally seeing some places like that up here. In the past, I could only savour these tasty treats when I went to California or Arizona!

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