versitile blogger award

It came from Mars, a young lady with a poetic heart found here:

Thank you Mars for the nomination,  and all others for your visits and likes. I do appreciate them.

I next link back to the award:

I now say seven things about myself, and then nominate some other blogs.

1) I am quiet, and a bit shy and it takes me a bit before I feel comfortable around people. How odd that I can blog in front of such a potentially large audience.  When I spend time around groups, I need to get away and recharge.

2)  I have always loved words, even as a young child, especially poetry.  I aspire to someday write a good poem, but although it eludes me I am not afraid to keep trying.  I met my wife in a bar after a rugby match, ( I sense a post ) and we spent the evening talking about our love of books.

3) I have been a rugby player, trained for over 10 years in the martial arts, yet think kindness is the most noble of behaviors.

4) I am a recent cancer survivor, or my team has survived it.   That team of all the people who rallied around me to help me and show me that no man is an island.

5) I think Winston Churchill was the greatest man of this age.  It is not often a man can stand against darkness and inspire others to continue to stand with him.

6) My wife of 27 years and I live debt free, and have for some years.  We give 10% of our income to Church and charity, and instead of being a burden it is freeing. How can money control you when you can freely give 10% of it away?

7) I have two grown daughters who make me proud.

Now for some nominations: ( if you already have one, then others have confirmed my good taste ( smile ) )

1)  This is the first blog I stumbled across in my cancer battle and her beautiful honest words gave me courage.

2) A strong woman recovering from the shadow of cancer who lives each day.

3)  You probably have a dozen or so already, but your blog is fun, inspirational, and interactive.

4)  I know how hard it is to write a good poem, and this one is a home run.

5)  — A lover of words and my love.


Thanks everyone


6 Comments on “versitile blogger award”

  1. billgncs says:

    thanks Eric — I really appreciate it.

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    A rugby player and 10 years of martial arts training – wow!

    Yet, you speak of love, peace and kindness in your blog posts – double wow! This is inspirational. (As you probably guessed – I’m unimpressed by men who exhibit macho bullshit)

    Happy that you landed this award and means much to me to receive same from a man of your standing. Thank you, Eric 🙂

  3. boomiebol says:

    Congratulations and well deserved!!!

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