fast food feast

It started in Cincinnati Ohio in 1949, you can find it in Kentucky to the south and as far north as Cleveland but it hasn’t arrived in Chicago much to my dismay. For four years, every Wednesday Joe, Paul and I would drive from Shaker to Lyndhurst for our weekly lunch treat. We went so often, that we were ambassadors ( 100 meals ) with our pictures on the wall and our meal served on a special blue plate. Well the ambassador program is gone now ( if you read this Skyline I miss it ) , and I now live mostly in Chicago, but when I get back to Cleveland Ohio, it is a banner trip if I can fit in lunch at Skyline Chili.

Not chili con carne ( that Texas mix we all know ) Skyline chili is a sauce of finely ground meat seasoned with herbs that covers spaghetti or hot dogs. It tastes of spices with a hint of cinnamon, when ordered as a three-way ( spaghetti, chili, mounds of cheese ), or four-way ( spaghetti, chili, onion or beans, mounds of cheese ), or my favorite five-way ( spaghetti, chili, onion, beans and mounds of cheese ) and topped with their special skyline hot sauce it is a delight.

Lest you think this is not fine food, each customer is presented with appetizers upon arrival.

delicious oyster cracker appetizers

I must admit I am biased here, for when I was young oyster crackers were a special treat which we rarely had. Here my daughter and I add just a drop of hot sauce to a cracker for a tasty tidbit. Then after a short wait the main course arrives.

chili, spaghetti, onions, beans, cheese, and hot sauce…

Then, enjoy the distinct flavor. Don’t wear your white shirt, and the first time ( ask for a bib )

The official link is here: Skyline

2 Comments on “fast food feast”

  1. boomiebol says:

    Going to have to try oyster crackers with hot sauce now :).

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