lost and found

I was lost, but now am found… not in the metaphysical way, of course..

no longer lost…

As a small town boy ( Cleveland, Ohio USA ) in the big city ( Chicago, Illinois USA ) my Garmin has made my life better from the day I got it. ( Thanks Jan for such a nice present ).

Nothing beats being on the freeway behind a truck where all vision and signs are obfuscated and having the Garmin show you which lane to be in and how far to the exit. And when I am daydreaming, or thinking about a work problem ( I know I shouldn’t ) and I drive past my exit, that beautiful sound of “recalculating” is music to my ears.

As I posted once before in gentle-feelings-maybe getting lost on my way to a time sensitive doctor’s appointment set off a quick punch which ruined my windshield. With the Garmin, I expect a kinder, gentler me.

3 Comments on “lost and found”

  1. Shannon says:

    yeah! Another GPS convert!

  2. billgncs says:

    laughing… Garmin is the manufacturer, they had a team last year in the Tour de France, but I only use English. The model is Nuvi, and it cracks me up when it tries to pronounce some of the streets. But how frightening that language skills can be compressed into that small box

  3. I have never heard the word ‘Garmin’ before. Is that a brand name? I’ve only heard GPS. When My uncle came to Canada, he brought his GPS and it spoke German, English and French. We set it to German and I was laughing my ass off all the way to my brother’s house. When we got to Rue Andre Facon (pronounced ondrey facone) The German GPS said Andre fuck on! I almost peed myself!

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