One last post about parachuting…

full green and billowing above me
rippling, soft wind nudges, a gentle guiding hand
alive beneath your care

A glance down past these two feet dangling
descending slowly to the whimsey of the Gods
presents horizons that each may know or choose

This day, such perfect peace above the spires
suspended, no time despair no earth or anchor
so far removed the fields where farmers toil

Too soon our time is done, the world approaches
knees and feet together, flex, absorb the blow
rolling, tumbling, scrambling for earthbound purchase

And draping down so soft a cloak and cover
protective cowl – Once known for granting foresight
renewed and free it rests upon my shoulders in the light

It seems that three posts is good number for the one summer of skydiving. They came in a magical summer of “ups and downs” that ended when I broke my wrist in a rugby accident. Some things we do to say we have done them, this made me feel alive.

Often events claim their own time and place, after that summer I never parachuted again.

2 Comments on “landing”

  1. sounds like a magical experience…were you afraid while coming down at any point?

    • billgncs says:

      The descent was too magical to be scary. It really was. I was mostly scared ( in a good way ) taking off in the plane because it was so old and beat up. But being young, I had that unshakable understanding that bad things only happened to other people.

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