debt free – yars

Flowing red locks, a huge full red beard with intent blue eyes, Burke drank hard. We sat on stools in the dimly lit bar in Philadelphia bruised and battered by our common mistress rugby. The singing done, the tables danced upon and still four hundred miles from home we sat, innocent small town boy and ancient wild Irishman, companions on the pitch earlier and now with beer in comfortable silence.

The next round appeared, and and the bartender slammed down the long necked bottles of Stroh’s beer on the counter. They glistened cold and moist in the dim light, a hint of mist suspended above the openings so recently uncapped.

“Burke, do I owe you”, a young boy asks the grizzled man.

His hair is matted with blood and sweat and dirt. He turns slowly to facing me, that dim light shines out of his eyes like fire. His mouth is hard as fiery eyes glare down at me and he growls,
“A good man remembers his own debts.”

YARS ( Yet Another Rugby Story )


10 Comments on “debt free – yars”

  1. emjayzed says:

    I want (need) to know more of this character!

  2. Karmic Diva says:

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  3. I like “Burke drank hard”. You set this up expertly. good.

  4. boomiebol says:

    “A good man remembers his own debts.” strong powerful statement here, love it

  5. …A good man remembers his own debts…. I like it!

    • billgncs says:

      I have tried to live that way since. Plus – he scared the heck out of me. Funny that later we became good friends, although his life took a tragic turn.

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