it’s a girl thing — too

What does it take to turn a girl into a basketball player? Fitness, that’s easy, make them run and run and run. Skills, easy too, make them shoot and dribble while they run. Basketball IQ, setup some classroom chalk board sessions and teach on the floor. But confidence, especially for girls at a tiny school who haven’t played much, is another story.

I would say it boils down to, give them chances where they can succeed, define their roles clearly, and believe, believe, believe ( and don’t lose your sense of humor. )

“Selise, let’s pretend you have an evil twin sister named Skippy who doesn’t get embarrassed when she fouls and likes to steal the ball.”

“Alicia, you don’t need to foul them every time. Just keep in front of her with your arms straight up.”

“Q ( the one and only Quincy ), when you get the ball close right here, shoot every time. If you are anywhere else, pass it to Brittany.”

And for one girl who shall remain nameless, she knows who she is, I wrote in ink “Get the Ball” on her hand before the game. She was horrified until all the other girls thought it was a boy’s phone number.

12 Comments on “it’s a girl thing — too”

  1. billgncs says:

    Ouch! That was really poor coaching and preparation, so don’t feel bad. Actually when I was in high school on the JV team, one of the guys scored at the wrong basket.

    On the good side, you did make one!


  2. When I was in grade 4, I was pretty non athletic and chubby on the basketball team. I was so happy the one and only time I shot the ball into the hoop. It was short-lived though, everyone was yelling at me – seems I scored in our own basket. 😦

  3. I thought already liked this? Well whatever, I like it again.

  4. geodygantira says:

    I think you should have a speech before playing, but only important matches, so it can makes the girls get motivated and become better, instead of writing “get the ball” thingy, this one is better. (sorry i am a boy .__.V)

    • billgncs says:

      ahh… good point, but when you are tired at the end of the game, and every breath is a labor, and only will moves your legs the speech is long gone from your memory.

      But you look down, there it is, urging, imperative the one thing you must do… your very flesh compels you to higher effort …”Get the ball”

      thanks for reading…

      • geodygantira says:

        yeah, good point too, how about making something kind of cheerleaders, but you can use the substitution players to be the cheerleaders, and maybe they will get motivated because they got their friends spirit 😀 sorry for the english, i’m not really good with english language -___-

        • billgncs says:

          one must look into their own heart for motivation…
          thanks for the ideas…

          • geodygantira says:

            yes, it’s true, but if there is someone who doesn’t found his motivation, what will you do? examples are the players who are newly signed her professional conract

            • billgncs says:

              we never yelled at girls who didn’t hustle and play hard. But I don’t think they liked getting taken out of the game and having to sit next to me while I explained why I took them out.

              Pro athletes are different I am sure, but for cricket, rugby, football, basketball, any sport I know, young people want to play.

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