thinking of you…

The night sky is often clear in Chicago…

Just sitting here thinking of you,
how your presence calms my soul
and inflames my passion

That we should share a beer and watch
Hart to Hart, and soon thereafter
we might be as close

Let the washer serenade us with
comforting white noise,
as resting closely arm in arm

we gaze up to the ceiling
were moonbeams dance like faeries
upon the silent cooling fan

Hart to Hart was a fine television show in the ’80s ( yikes, last century )
in which a married wealthy couple ( very much in love ) moonlight as amateur detectives.

11 Comments on “thinking of you…”

  1. Shannon says:

    Haha. This is a good one. I particularly like the washer serenade. 😉

  2. globalunison says:

    Ouch! This was prettily awesome, I am missing my guy!!

  3. This warms me. I love that watching the Harts would bring you closer!

    • billgncs says:

      Thanks — because of the economy, I have worked out of town for long stretches and it is always the little things shared that one misses.

      thanks for reading and commenting.


  4. I remember that show! Do you remember the show moonlighting with sybil sheppard and Bruce Willis?

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