cycling — poem

It was 93 when we set off for a 30 plus mile ride at 10:26
By the time we finished I was wiped.

37 miles in Chicago heat
leaves the old dogs
feeling beat

too tired to post
too tired to yack
Just enough to hit the sack

still recovering strength from the cancer —
all in all a beautiful ride…
over 700 miles for the year…

13 Comments on “cycling — poem”

  1. Shannon says:

    HAHAHA. I like this one too.

  2. Short, sweet and neat!

  3. A poem of much truth. I’m heading back home to Chicago in August. Could you please arrange to have this heat gone by then? 70’s would be nice. Many thanks. 😉

  4. Eric Alagan says:

    700 miles – impressive indeed 🙂

  5. Jamie Dedes says:

    I’m impressed.

  6. 700 MILES????? Gluttony is a sin even for exercise LOL so glad you are well enough to ride. I pray for you daily and feel you are truly blessed!

    • billgncs says:

      thank you for your prayers.

      There is a joy in movement that cycling gives me. As you pedal and the miles build up, it almost becomes purifying. But when it is over 90, it is just pretty miserable. ( smile )

  7. Chicago is humid too, right? Wow 700 miles this year – that’s impressive!

    • billgncs says:

      yes, it was 97 and humid when we finished.

      only 1,300 more to go to make my goal. Many do as many as 10,000.

      hydration becomes very important out here.

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