bad paul — yars

Tighthead prop must be a rock, and Bad Paul wore the tighthead’s number three for us. Chest like a barrel with big thick arms and legs, he bore the brunt of the crushing pop when the two opposing scrums came together. Eight men from each team, arms linked together, driving forward as one with nearly two tons of force. If he falters, possession is lost. Should he be dominated, the match is almost certainly lost.

Proud and very intelligent ( multiple advanced degrees ), Bad Paul combined craftiness, strength and bulk, and just a touch of meanness. He was tough and rarely lost his personal battles on the field.

Off the field, he could be blunt and direct. Once, another player chastised him. “Paul, use a little tact.”

Paul’s reply reflected how perfectly he was suited to his role, “I have plenty of tact, I just don’t use it.”

yars — Yet Another Rugby Story

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