cycling — cant ( the special language of those men and women in spandex )

My lovely daughter gave me a special father’s day gift. She agreed to accompany me on a
mountain bike ride with the Naperville/Elmhurst bike clubs.

ready to hit the mountain biking road

We ended up covering 20 up and down miles in a long but enjoyable ride.

Aspiring cyclists beware, learn these words in the cycling vernacular before venturing out…

Sweep That person at the rear may not be too tired to keep up, they may be riding sweep, keeping at the rear of the ride in case someone has trouble or falters.

Car Back A car is coming from the rear, move over into single file to let them pass.

Single File Are you too stupid to move over when we call out “car back”.

Car Up A car is coming up in front, move over on our side of the road.

Rolling Start moving, the light is changing.

Clear No traffic, OK to cross the intersection.

Stopping The intersection isn’t clear, don’t run me over.

Holes ( Feared by all ) Pay attention or you will crash or get a big bump or flat tire

And finally, if your cycling shorts are wearing thin, or are riding low and your shirt is riding up someone may cruise up and tell you “Crack Kills”

15 Comments on “cycling — cant ( the special language of those men and women in spandex )”

  1. emjayzed says:

    Roller skating does for me what cycling does for you! Neither of my parents will join me though 🙂

  2. nyparrot says:

    I meant , goooood;)

  3. nyparrot says:

    Looking goo in this uniform!:)

  4. Eric Alagan says:

    That last was good – crack kills…

    Great to have our adult children join us for a ride. I do it with my son whenever he is in town.

  5. beautiful daughter and write

  6. Great picture of you and your daughter!

  7. boomiebol says:

    Ha ha at “crack kills”. I need to learn the cycling vernacular…I am planning to learn how to ride a bike this summer…emphasis on planning. Great post!

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