tangent – poem, reason 2 rhyme

little scribble for reason 2 rhyme

My heart
Tangent of my soul
Dividing not
My compass and shared strength
Let’s go forth and multiply our love

The request was to use numbers in a poem, so…

17 Comments on “tangent – poem, reason 2 rhyme”

  1. Eric M. Vogt says:

    Nice visual of a pine tree on a hill too. Multiply our love can take on a lot of meanings too. A gem to be looked at from different angles. Pun intended. As was the complement. 😉

  2. numbers or math? Very sentimental. 🙂

  3. kbnelson says:

    Well done! “Tangent of my soul” is such an apt image for the perfect relationship. Thanks for joining in, and I happen to love heinz-57 poetry forms.

  4. very nice… enjoyed reading it. Thanks, Randy

  5. oldentimes says:

    after many years ofd marriage, I have to say this hits it well

  6. boomiebol says:

    I love it…permission to steal..I mean share :). On twitter

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