the humanity

I enjoy commenting on each entry in the Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers and sometimes, in a sort of Turing test the web page dares me to prove I am a person. That stops me in my tracks. A Turing test, named after one of the founders of IT Alan Turing, in brief requires a human to judge if the computer he is interacting with is a human or not. I’m scared.

Am I really human, have I had an original thought, done more than just play out my biological DNA coding?

My Turing test the web so quickly gives me requires me to decode letters distorted and jumbled together. Half the time I don’t recognize them. Have I failed the test? Am I now less that human, or human less than machine? Who will find out? Will my name end up published as below the line? Will they send someone after me? Has this machine become my better and my judge?

Quickly, how can I become anonymous….. too late…. I hear someone at the door.

My Madison woods story is here:

7 Comments on “the humanity”

  1. Sonia Lal says:

    They distort the letters too much, yeah. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to prove I am human.

  2. And who are ‘they’ anyway?

  3. Half the time I can’t tell what one of the words is because “they” distort the letters so much. It’s probably a scheme to make you feel inhuman and then the next step….(or knock at the door)…

  4. TheOthers1 says:

    I think you’re human. I’d caution against answering the door though. That person may not be human at all.

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