I quit my job in 2007. Over 22 years at the same mom and pop print shop. Took a job as a UNIX consultant doing a huge SAP installation in Toledo, Ohio. No benefits, no salary, no taxes, paid 50% of what we billed each two weeks. We stayed in plush hotels, expense accounts, worked around the clock, and on Sunday evenings I would leave to for the 2 hour drive home to Cleveland for a few days.

Just outside Toledo, the cornfields start. Dusk is falling, and I cruise along windows down, inhaling the rich country air, humid with life. Everyone out here is home, dinner on the table, sitting in recliners, cattle fed and milked. The road through this flat verdant land veers left and I follow, my lonely headlamps paint the way. I slow, and glance to my left, there rising above the cornfield must be ten thousand fireflies, sparking like so many hopes and dreams. They flash golden yellow, ascending and for a moment I am immeshed in beauty. When the road turns again, they are gone.

12 Comments on “fireflies”

  1. You capture the scene beautifully. I am new to blogging and love to read what others write and they write. I learn so much. Sounds like you have had a life well lived!

  2. emjayzed says:

    I love your words which paint pictures in my mind, thank you!

  3. mindfuldiary says:

    Could almost picture it. Really enjoy stories like this. 🙂

  4. Beautiful imagery. I can see the fireflies clustering around. I really enjoyed the read.

  5. You paint a beautiful picture! I love this post!

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