I’ve been bucked off a horse, crashed my bicycle, been tackled so hard it knocked snot on my cheek, and had cancer surgery. But of all the blows that have landed and knocked me woozy or down, the ones that hurt most were always of the heart.

You get back on the horse, ( if you can catch the darn thing ), dust off your bike and clean out the scraped skin as best you can, jump up and run to position while secretly checking all your limbs are attached in rugby, defy cancer. But when it comes to the heart, you just need to keep loving.

If I have learned nothing else, shake your head while smiling wryly, and laugh quietly at yourself.

30 Comments on “laughing”

  1. Parul says:

    This is beautiful and very true… The greatest of injuries are those that can’t be seen or felt by others…

  2. I’m picturing you now, shaking your head & laughing. Love it!

  3. Kris Kennedy says:

    Got a chance to stop by…love your thinking…and sharing…will continue to sit under your “think”

  4. You are truly an inspration and a blessing to many myself especially , that you could laugh at yourself through such diversity as trying to catch that horse Wow! seriously I love the way you inspire us . great story!

  5. thoughtbaker says:

    **Phrase, did not catch that typo, oops.**

  6. thoughtbaker says:

    A phase that has been used a lot in my family, mainly from my father. That your last lines reminded me of, give your head a shake, smile and keep going.

  7. love this post, it’s so true!

  8. Those are the blows that are the most difficult for everyone, I think!

  9. mindfuldiary says:

    Just love your spirit and attitude! ;P You are absolutely right, we must never shut our heart for love and must never take ourselves too serious. T

    • billgncs says:

      thanks — if my feet are made of clay, then doesn’t the world need a few more flower pots? Luckily my wife and family are my strength.

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