breaking up is hard to do

breaking up is hard to do, but I am pinning my hopes on you….

I just thought this was a cool picture… two metal rods to put the broken bone back together.

pinning my hopes on you – hope it isn’t too gross

remember kids, don’t answer your cell phone while riding…

19 Comments on “breaking up is hard to do”

  1. emjayzed says:

    You answered the phone while riding? Hell, I struggle to walk and talk!!

  2. Shannon says:

    That’s crazy!!

  3. The last time I saw hardware like this my 5 year old grandson put a bbq skewer through his calf.
    gave me a real scare and that panic feeling just as looking at your hand does now. OUCH!!! Hope you are healing well and doing what Dr tells you . Physical therapy in the future?

  4. wow technology huh? Amazing. Hope you’re healing up nicely.

  5. TheOthers1 says:

    New hardware; nice. And so noted on the calling and riding. I like my body minus any hardware

  6. globalunison says:

    Hahaha 😀
    Really? Never? What about the emergency call? [Winks]

  7. janet says:

    Definitely don’t answer the phone while riding!

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