mineral blocks and critters

The corral stands empty… and as I sit in the quiet dusk outside the tac room, the scent of leather, and horses all about me, my two little cowgirls in their boots and cowboy hats search for horse shoes or pretty rocks and other priceless treasures.

Out of the corner of my eye I see movement near the mineral block. “Go catch that critter”, I tell them. They stand up straight, as tall as a cowgirl can be at six or eight years of age. Then it’s clump clump clump as they hightail it for the mineral block. Probably a marmot ( rock chuck ) I think, or an ermine. My eyes widen and I freeze. Holy crap, that’s a badger.

Did I really let the girls lick this?

This is Blackjack with Megan. He’s the hero or villan of tomorrow’s story.

blackjack and Megan, all those minerals make you beautiful

9 Comments on “mineral blocks and critters”

  1. Ew you let them lick that? 😛 Gross!

  2. Megan is sooo beautiful!

  3. It sounds so beautiful where you are….and what a lovely picture…the girl and the horse. 🙂

  4. globalunison says:

    Gosh!! You really let them lick that??? Well, at the age of eight I think I would have listened to my daddy too! As far as the second picture is concerned, Megan and Black Jack both are beautiful!

    • billgncs says:

      I thought you would like them. What if I called them “Natural minerals” ? Is that better?

      i am sure you are beautiful and elegant in your own way and make your parents verzy proud.

      • globalunison says:

        Hahaha 😀
        Yeah, better to convince me to lick on them! Lol.
        I hope to make them proud, thank you very much! I told my daddy, I got another one on board – he is jealous! 😀
        Much love and many blessings on the way,

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