sweetest of cookies – horse

Horses are like people, each with strengths and faults. Some like Rookie, who we later found had a famous rodeo bucking horse as a grand sire, used to celebrate a beautiful day with a buck or four at odd times. We had to sell her to a real cowboy who enjoyed that kind of surprise. But most were just like us, not dangerous, just a bit quirky.

So when I first met Cookie, you can bet I was ready for anything, but what I found was an eager goer, a smooth canter, and a sweet disposition. To anthropomorphize, Cookie would be the girl every parent would like their son to bring home to meet them.

two of my favorite people

Megan and Cookie

34 Comments on “sweetest of cookies – horse”

  1. emjayzed says:

    I love the photos – makes me want to visit 🙂

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    Incredibly beautiful…thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. globalunison says:

    Awww.. The girls and Cookie are incredibly beautiful!
    Thank you for all the adventures in the horse kingdom now a days! Lol
    Much love,

  4. I have a Cookie too. His name is Milkshake. He is a POA and my main therapeutic pony at my farm. He puts up with slobbery kisses, misplaced kicks or nudges, and he does it all because he LOVES what he does at my farm- Raise Your Dreams Farm in New Jersey.
    Through the years he has not ceased to make me laugh, he enjoys picking up his food bowl, untying himself, or letting himself out of the courtyard. He carries lead ropes in his mouth and has been known to strip the blankets off of his stable mates. That is why I love Milkshake, he always sees the comical, fun side of life. Lessons well learned by me!

  5. I was going to look up anthropomorphize, but I figure it’s easier if you just tell me what it means…. 😉

  6. horses are social just like people and it’s an amazing thing when they let you into their herd! Beautiful pictures!

  7. I don’t know exactly what to say, but the whole horse relationship thing is very appealing.

  8. Who took those amazing pictures???? 🙂

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