and the band played waltzing matilda

Rugby players sing. After a match the teams would tip a beer or two and sing. Some songs ribald, but I always loved the ballads. One, “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”, the heart breaking story of a young Australian at Gallipoli in World War One always touched me. So I steal a line from this most poignant of songs and I go to the way back…

All my old comrades how proudly they marched,
renewing their dreams of past glory.

A version of the song close to what we used to sing is here…, If you can find the Priscilla Herdman rendition, it is the best I have heard.

14 Comments on “and the band played waltzing matilda”

  1. I sang that song a lot as a kid, but I never knew it’s full meaning until now. Thank you!

  2. ahhh memories…what’s ribald? Sometimes, it’s like you speak another language….. 😉

  3. emjayzed says:

    Well now, you are most definitely speaking my language. This song means a lot to me and many other Australians. It reminds me of my grandpa – a good rendition can bring tears to my eyes. How curious that it familiar to you also.

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