soul — art

My youngest, this week off to PAFA, a fine arts school in Philadelphia gifted me with this. I already have a story in mind about it for my fiction blog…. but for now, I am just going to savor it.

soul — Megan Webb 2012


16 Comments on “soul — art”

  1. […] to cabecada for the inspirational piece of art, which was originally brought to my attention by bwthoughts. I wish I could have done it better justice but sometimes I guess you just have to put out […]

  2. forgingshadows says:

    Hi, do you mind if I put this up as an illustration on my blog? Of course full credit will be given to your daughter for her work.

  3. Wow! Amazing……I know how you must be beaming! 🙂

  4. emjayzed says:

    She’s got a gift 🙂

  5. That apple didn’t fall to far from the tree now did it? LOL wonderful!

  6. Congrats! If I wasn’t writing I’d be wanting to draw or paint or sculpt. You two will have fun sharing and talking about your creative works.

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