blogger – art

This print by my daughter


reminds me of a blogger, what will happen if she doesn’t connect, or moves her hand from the circuits?
Perhaps she fears the solitude of her own thoughts…

8 Comments on “blogger – art”

  1. love1salluneed says:

    I am seeing more than ‘internet’ connectivity and cyberspace in that picture. Perhaps it also speaks to us at a deeper level, of how consciousness really connects us to everything there is and ever will be?

    if you think about it at the physical/material level – our brain is a biological-circuit board with dendrites and neurons and if we understand energy fields and the greater consciousness that extends beyond physical sight – then perhaps that picture also does indeed speak of connectivity-mass-connection and tapping into a greater consciousness. Far more than the world wide web, for it extends on a multi-universe level, more than three dimensional and really way more than our tiny physical minds can yet comprehend.

    Wow…I really came by to take a look and say hello. I really enjoyed the read and the picture, I shall come back………if you will have me?

  2. It sure speaks to an online dependent age…for sure. You have a talented daughter there. 🙂

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