shooting chance

My lovely oldest never had a boyfriend through high school. Off she went to Hillsdale College ( for a fine great books education I might add ) where within three days she called me to say she had found a guy. When they came to visit us some months later, I thought it would be fun to take “that boy” and my daughters to the shooting range as a fun activity.

Apparently it wasn’t so much fun.

My oldest informed me later on the way back “that boy” looked at her and said in an anxious voice, “He was trying so send me a message!”

36 Comments on “shooting chance”

  1. i dont want you to get hurt post doesnt seem to fit when it comes to your daughters now, does it? 🙂 kidding…

  2. mindfuldiary says:

    hahahaaa, poor guy was probably scared out of his mind. You are so funny! Btw, my husband has promised me long time ago, he is going to do exactly same + long list of traps boyfriend candidate needs to pass to even get permission to take her out. men and their daughters. It’s sweet though.

  3. You were, weren’t you …. bad dad …..!

  4. Tessa says:

    This is too funny. My ex-husband told our daughters that he would be cleaning his guns when they brought a boy over.

  5. Shannon says:

    Poor Dave. I think he is still traumatized 😉

  6. globalunison says:

    Gosh! Incredible! You scared the poor guy!!
    Thank you for the “HAHAHA” 😀
    I hope ya are doing well 🙂

  7. jiltaroo says:

    I can understand that! I would love to go to a shooting range. It’s a lot of fun.

  8. TheOthers1 says:

    Lol. Ah, dad, don’t scare off my guy. This really cracked me up.

  9. haha! my exact thought as I was reading! Have you ever seen him again??

  10. boomiebol says:

    Ha ha such a dad you are…scared the poor guy…

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