tai chi what ?

I was once a martial arts instructor of Shaolin Kung Fu. I am in the picture with Sifu Mohr’s senior instructors somewhere ( the red/black were our demonstration uniforms, the black/white our regular workout attire).

Hong Sing Kwan Ying Dao, Sifu Mohr – circa 1990’s

Sifu Mohr, brilliant martial artist that he was, taught us many many things ( it took at least 9 years to progress from white to green to brown to black sash ). I never had my own school but often taught new students or filled in for other instructors in their schools including teaching tai chi. We practiced a modified Yang style that was both graceful and smooth, soothing the heart and soul.

Often I would leave at lunch on nice summer days where I worked in the affluent suburb of Beachwood Ohio, and go to practice tai chi in a small park nearby. One day as I gently transitioned through the first set a lady pulled over and rolled down her window to speak to me. “Wow” I thought, “My first student, wonder if she wants private lessons.”

I stood tall and confidently sauntered to her window where she anxiously blurted, “Are you all right, do you need help”.

The moral: don’t be too quick to pat yourself on the back. The world just might have another impression.

71 Comments on “tai chi what ?”

  1. Sifu Mohr says:

    Hello Bill, it’s been a while. I hope you’re doing well and sorry to hear about your condition. Mark Goren found your blog and sent it to me. I’ve recently retired from NASA and am actively teaching, but more Tai Chi and Chi Kung. I follow the 90/10 rule. I’m also actively involved in veterans issues. Any way, I hope to hear from you and perhaps we can get together. Ron (hskyd@me.com)

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    That was funny 🙂

  3. arvin1405 says:

    That was an awkward moment, wasn’t it? LOL! Good post!

  4. Hilarious! Thanks, there is a saying in the Bible that says Pride goes before a fall. Oh, how I have fallen!

  5. I luv your morals wrought from a touch of humor!

  6. mindfuldiary says:

    LOL. Soo funny! Was picturing it. hahaaaa. what did you reply to her?

  7. globalunison says:

    You always have suspense to be disclosed in the end though it is always par my expectations! I loved the moral but what did she actually thought about you.. lol.

  8. jiltaroo says:

    Ba ha ha. Funny! Which one is you in the photo?

  9. You are a man of many talents and stories and you have a unique wardrobe!

  10. boomiebol says:

    Ha ha ha…are you serious? Too funny, great moral no doubt…that was funny though, i wonder what she thought you were doing lol

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