love of books

Books have always been in my life. As a quiet shy boy Edgar Rice Burrows and Robert E Howard filled my life with adventure. When I met my wife following a rugby match we didn’t speak of sport, just our passion for words. If I had the words and the intellect my blog would mirror Pascal’s Pensees, or Montaigne’s Essays.

This week I am reading three books.

“The Artemis Effect” by Kasia James SciFi and from a wordpress friend. The first two chapters seem to have placed me in just the right place, interested, trying to anticipate the next steps and eager for more. How cool to read a work of art by someone I have chatted and smiled with. Can’t wait for a signed hard copy to keep. Although my wife has over 1,000 books for her kindle ( most free ), this is the first I have purchased.

“What Would Ben Stein Do?” Each chapter could be a blog post. Short and with a point but written with such wisdom and amiability that I can’t help but marvel. Everyone should set this in their bathroom for a daily sanity check. I think if my daughters read this, I will give them credit and stop giving them advice for 3 months, ( well maybe 2 weeks ).

“The African Trilogy” By Chinia Achebe, three tales of Africa from a non western point of view. I have always loved Africa, and the prose and power of this author fit its grandeur. This was a prize from another wordpress acquaintance Boomiebol, and aside from cookies from Nigeria ( I love to sample foods from far away places ) I couldn’t have been more pleased with a book that echoes a culture I have not known.

I am not sad when people write great books or accomplish wondrous things. It lifts me for I am not diminished by their success. I am inspired. May your actions inspire others to grow beyond their known limits.

24 Comments on “love of books”

  1. I, too, like reading great books. My mom usually recommends books for me and they’re always goodies. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. It would be interesting to take a poll and find out how many books people usually read at the same time. I usually have one main one and 2-4 others I pick up occasionally.

  3. globalunison says:

    I think, I am waiting on your book 😉

  4. Would you believe I’ve never used kindle?? I like the feel of a book, I like turning the page, ear tagging pages, writing in the margin, I like the way they smell….

  5. The books sound good, and 2 weeks sounds good!

  6. katkasia says:

    Hello! I’m sorry the hard copy is taking so long, but I am truly flattered that your first Kindle book is mine. Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy it.
    The other two sound truly fascinating, and I suspect probably mch deeper than mine – so perhaps it is the souffle course?
    What part of Africa are the stories about? I’ve been to the very north (Libya and Egypt), and the very south (S. Africa, Botswana and Namibia) but none of the bit in the middle. It’s a very varied and vibrant place, with so much potential.

    • billgncs says:

      Don’t sell your book short. It is an inspiring feat to get published. As for a the menu, nothing satisfies like SCI-FI and I can’t wait to read more.

      The africa book is about pre-colonial Nigeria, but from a tribal man’s view.

      Wow you are well traveled. How’d you wind up in so many places there? I’m jealous. I love to travel, but most of our travel has been out to the western US.

      • katkasia says:

        I just love to travel! I get badly itchy feet at least every five years, so we manage to get away on extended trips. The southern Africa trip was last year, for a month, to try and get it out of my system befrore we had a bub. The north African trip (which also extended through Jordan, Syria and Turkey) was for about six weeks, and we slipped that one in between jobs. Something of a reward for having survived a rather depressing job! Amazing what you can do on a shoestring.
        We’ve also been to most of Europe(except the east), the UK, and I’ve travelled to bits of America too (California, Hawaii, Nevada, Ohio, Maine, Northern NY state, Florida). We moved around a lot when I was a kid, so having lived on three continents before the age of six probably influenced things.

        • billgncs says:

          you really are a world traveler. I have to admit I enjoyed France and really like the wide open spaces of the West in the US.

          Wouldn’t it be cool to do a paid book tour around the world?

          Did you have a place you really want to go back to ?

          • katkasia says:

            France is gorgeous, I agree. A bok tour would be lovely, but somehow I can’t quite see that coming off any time soon. Still, you never know I guess.
            I’d love to go back to Turkey, and I think that should be possible with a bub in tow, as they are so family friendly. Scotland is great too – lots of those wide open spaces up north.

            • billgncs says:

              I think Arizona is an amazing state, but you have desert. Still I enjoyed the Grand Canyon, the Petrified forest and one of the most beautiful towns is Sedona Arizona with its famous red rocks.

              In Wyoming Yellowstone is worth a visit too.

  7. boomiebol says:

    I am not sad when people write great books or accomplish wondrous things. It lifts me for I am not diminished by their success. I am inspired. May your actions inspire others to grow beyond their known limits….. Love these words. I echo an Amen.

    Thanks for the kind mention. Today I was driving on Fabyan just before Kirk rd, and saw someone riding a bike, and thought of you :).

    Have a good night sir!

  8. Marian Green says:

    Do you read them all at the same time?

    • billgncs says:

      Usually I have two going, but my wife picked out Ben Stein and it has to go back to the library, one was a gift, and Kasia’s was new. It’s like a feast, a bite of the main course, a bite of the vegetables, a sip of wine…. repeat

      thanks for stopping by

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