a grizzly lunch in Yellowstone

Unlike Chicago, the wildlife in Yellowstone National park is of the four legged variety.

no fences, one of my favorite vistas

Just five hours from our Wyoming cabin, one madcap drive takes you past buffalo, elk, moose and that fearsome predator grizzly bears. It is geysers and steelhead trout coming up the river to spawn by the thousands. It’s cooling your feet in an icy river and a few feet away warming them in the same water.
And if you love excitement, Yellowstone rests over a super-volcano.

When my daughter returned from studying for a semester in Germany, she invited a German friend who had been kind to her to visit us at our cabin. The three of us left before sunrise to creep down the primitive road to the highway where we zipped over to Cody Wyoming. There we stopped at a grocers for some lunch fruit and snacks, and it was on to the park.

One of the many wild animals in Yellowstone

We saw geysers, waterfalls, mudpots and lots of animals as we cruised through the park with pulled over cars signalling something of interest to see. About midday I picked out a nice spot near a turn in the road where a single shade tree punctuated a gently sloping field. I carried the cooler down and we sat in the sun and made sandwiches, munched chips. As we were finishing up, I noticed cars bunching just around the corner from where we had parked. Must be a buffalo I thought. We lazily made our way over to look, and as we did a chill washed over me. For just around the turn out of sight to us was a grizzly bear.

21 Comments on “a grizzly lunch in Yellowstone”

  1. nokotahorse says:

    This is our kind of place, gotta go there some day, thanks for your inspiration 🙂

  2. russtowne says:

    That’s quite the punch line, Bill!

  3. mindfuldiary says:

    Nice photos! Cozy lunch and a bear?! ;D

    • billgncs says:

      Man — I am so glad that bear stayed away. Grizzly bears usually stay in the high country, so this was an unexpected treat. Luckily we got a good tale out of it.

  4. I love your opening sentence! Cute story.

  5. Sounds like a lovely trip! I’ve seen my share of bears up here!

  6. My wife, Deb, and I were canoeing here in Florida at a national park when a mother brown bear had crossed the river with two of her cubs leaving her third cub stranded on the other side afraid to cross the river. The mother was standing, pawing at the air, crying aloud, indicating to the cub to “Come on.Come on.” It was that loud , pained but stern grunting from the mother that caught our attention quickly.

    Deb cried, “What do we do?” I whispered, “Back paddle fast. Now.”

    We laugh today about it but were petrified at the time.

    It was an amazing sight and sighting which we reported to the ranger who was appreciative to hear about as the brown bears were slowly returning to the Park.

    So, you almost had Yogi over for lunch… now, wouldn’t that have been a trip. Randy

  7. oh those buffalo are such cool creatures

  8. jiltaroo says:

    Obviously, we don’t have grizzlies here; but I have seen the documentaries….a far cry from honey eating teddy bears. To be so unknowingly close would be like brushing past a shark in the surf of one of our amazing Aussie beaches. Chilling. Glad you’re all alive! Jen

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