poetry contest — poem haiku

So I entered a poetry contest over at poet’s billow. I sent the first three to the contest, and then I added the haiku because I liked it. These are reposted by special request ( mine ). Hope you enjoy them. – bw

the river

The river runs past the boy forever
each day the same and each moment different
brown and lazy on the surface
such hidden turbulence
cold cold cold if you dare the depths

A hidden place, old train trestle bridge
long ago replaced wrought iron trusses
snapped and submitting to the weight
plunged so many to their deaths.
Leaving coins amidst the polished stones along the shore.

Do they dance here alone at night?
always the past, without hope or future
ghostly in pale moonlight
at this lonely lonely spot
where only carp recall their names

Barefoot in the shallows tin can ready
lifting rock and scuttling backwards captured
crayfish tin prison and joyous boy
swimming backwards never looking
he just had to find your rock

fossils in the shale from forever long ago
and small bare toes mark the clay along the shore
they meander like the river up and down
forever and a day from now will they find the traces
of solitary boy with tin can treasures


sometimes, there are no words.
just thoughts that cannot drift
between the reality of touch and taste
and the void within my soul

sometimes, it was the best that they could do
yet we lace it up like ill fitting boots
and limp away to burdened lives
imagining we are the less for it

this time, I lay my burden down
that you who helped me bear it
braced me while I never understood the weight
can at last dance freely


I heard your voice
felt from words, and silence
punctuating every line

Have known such pain
and cursed it, silently
unfeeling ball and chain

reach out a single finger
that in touching,
I may not bear the weight

but strengthen, signal you
to hope, to soar
toward light and weightless flight


The gift of beauty
Shared between two hearts as one
Goldfinches bring good luck

25 Comments on “poetry contest — poem haiku”

  1. mindfuldiary says:

    Very beautiful poems Bill. Loved Haiku one. Hope you’ll win!

    • billgncs says:

      thank you… I just wrote a haiku on bwfiction.wordpress.com you may like called cricket 2

      the fun in poetry isn’t winning, it is sharing deep feelings. thanks for the kind words

  2. Thoughtful, emotional and powerful are the first words that come in mind after reading them. “sometimes, there are no words. just thoughts that cannot drift”….beautiful and says it all.

  3. Beautiful Bill. I love poems – I just can’t write them. Thank you for sharing yours. 🙂

  4. globalunison says:

    Every poem describes a different scenerio though my favorites are Pain and a lovely haiku complementing the rich black forest cake with a delicious cherry on the top! Good Luck!! Hope the visit to your daughter is safe and fun!

  5. I love these. You are very talented. You do have a way with words.

  6. They’re all great! I’m also drawn to the second one. They seem to tell a story in their order too, ending on a lovely haiku.

  7. Very nice. Good luck!

  8. boomiebol says:

    Love them alll…I am especially partial to burdens. Very well done on all.

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