don’t play with…. – poem / limerick

A limmerick from back in the 1970’s in tribute to Dan
who missed Senior Prom for a reason that was not discussed… much<

it seems that once upon a quest
to capture the feel of the west
trying out his quick draw
till to his horror he saw
a hole in his foot was not best.

And the moral is: well, obvious…

12 Comments on “don’t play with…. – poem / limerick”

  1. russtowne says:

    LOVE IT! Great sense of humor!

  2. yuck
    better though than the hole in my head.
    Did he wind up with one leg up?

    Cute limerick

  3. LOL and the moral is well obvious – love it!

  4. Gives a while new meaning to the saying, “He really shot himself in the foot!!” There’s something wrong in that first line, though…”it seems that once one a quest”??

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