bond , james bond…

We would meet at the top of tannery hill and then walk past the deserted tannery building perched next to the river and the bridge that spanned the lazy current. I never saw it, but older people said when the tannery was active and a load of hides arrived, the river ran red for days. Now the building stood abandoned. Only a few unshattered windows remained in defiance to stones kids would hurl when no one was around.

Then up the hill toward town and Wentlings Pharmacy next door to the movie theater. Fifty-five cents at the counter delivered a hamburger and a Coke served in a classic Coca Cola glass with the narrow bottom and wide bulb top. For a dollar we could get into the matinee and this was James Bond In Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It was a Saturday treat that Donnie and I managed sometimes when we both had a couple dollars to spare. We had seen “The Magnificent Seven” and other shows and afterwards we would talk about them as we walked the several miles home.

This day Diana Rigg dazzled as the love interest. I can’t speak for Donnie, but I think two twelve year olds fell deeply in love for those two hours. At the end, she and Bond are married. I remember being puzzled ( James Bond can’t get married ), and then numb as in the final scene a thwarted villain seeks revenge with a drive by shooting. Of course I know now that marrying Bond was never a plan with good long term prospects.

We walked the entire way back in silence.


44 Comments on “bond , james bond…”

  1. emjayzed says:

    Do you know I had not seen a single Bond film until about three years ago?! Lol! Then I proceeded to watch them all at once – back to back and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

    My favourite Bond is Sean Connery (I’m a big fan of his now but that was the first time I saw any of his earlier work). What a total babe he was back then! And still a hottie now in my opinion – I’m pretty sure its that accent and is swish debonair manner…

  2. russtowne says:

    This post brought back many great memories of my best friend Jim and I in our pre-teens and early-teens going to double-features, and especially going to the titillating James Bond movies. We too were shocked when he married Diana Riggs and then shocked again when she was offed by the bad guys at the end. Sean Connery was our favorite Bond. I agee that he would have saved Diana. Then again, he probably wouldn’t have married her in the first place!

  3. Ha Ha! I remember that movie too. I also remember the 55 cent burgers and 1 cent pieces of candy. I LOVE your posts!

  4. It was a nice trip back to memory lane for me, too.

    Eating at a Woolworth’s counter drinking with those same coke glasses, or getting a hoagie (in Pennsylvania) for 33 cents at the original “5 and Dime”. The Saturday morning serials. Eating pizza and a drink (in NYC) after the movie when I was a little older – watching the oil drip off the back of the pizzas aas we folded the crust into a “V”, and all for 75 cents.

    Ushers in movie theaters telling us with their flashlights to put our feet down, throwing popcorn, and laughing.

  5. Paul says:

    Great memories. Thanks. I remember seeing The Birds when I was 14 or 15 and walking home afterwards through back alleys. I heard a thump and looked around and a bird fell from a garage roof top onto the ground. Dead! I made it home in record time.

  6. ericmvogt says:

    Love that movie! Have it on DVD. Just don’t make them like that anymore. Bond with feelings. Great story. Never get married to Bond. Never. 😉

  7. Bumba says:

    Her Majesty’s Secret Sevice was the first Ian Fleming I read – also when I was 12. I loved all the 007 books. Yeah, we used to go to the movies on Saturdays for less than half a buck. And we stayed there all day watching the double feature, the cartoons. And then again.

  8. jiltaroo says:

    Oh yes, James Bond. That was a Friday night favorite for us. Connect with happy memories.

  9. How many different actors have played James Bond now? What an enduring story huh?

  10. This is great…I can see why you would remember this. What a cherished memory. But not a happy ending for Bond.

    • billgncs says:

      If only they had cast Sean Connery in that one, I am sure he could have saved her ( smile )

      I guess it shows how each generation has a unique pace of life.

      • You know, that’s what I really enjoyed about this post. Each generation is so different. While reading your post, it seemed like a more simple time and I found myself wanting that back. I went to a movie for a dollar…I think it was even cheaper…without parents, and we would watch the double showing until late at night, and even walk home in the dark! A different time.

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