hoping for warmer weather

October now chills the bones, whispering “Stay in, stay in” as the wind pushes down from the cold cold north. We turn to thoughts of mulled wines, and hearty soups and vacations to the warmer places.

When my daughter was thinking of a place to go for spring break with seven of her sorority sisters I told her to call Paul, a friend my age who lived alone and had just built a house there.

Paul agreed, and when I talked to him later he said he would stock up for the visit.

“Paul, you don’t need to do that, they can pay for their own food, it’s enough of you to let them stay.”

He just laughed. “Do you know how much toilet paper eight girls are going to use?”

23 Comments on “hoping for warmer weather”

  1. Francina says:

    lol. this is funny!

  2. jiltaroo says:

    What a lovely friend. Lucky girls. I can easily imagine you would attract that kind of friendship Bill.

  3. The real question is how many bathrooms does he have and how many outlets?
    And is his bedroom sound proof so he can get a good night’s sleep….

  4. haha I bet it did his ego a world of good! Love the comment about toilet paper – priceless! On a more serious note, sounds like you have an awesome friend in Paul.

  5. TheOthers1 says:

    True. Obviously Paul knows. 🙂

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