secret ballot – quotes

My dad never said much. He was a teacher and I sometimes think he used all his words there and had few remaining for us when he got home. As an English teacher, he was fond of quoting Edgar Allen Poe, “Quoth the raven, Nevermore” which translated to “No, and don’t ask me again.”

As a veteran of WWII he was a big first amendment guy, and we often heard “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” I wonder what he would say about our 1984ish political correctness atmosphere today.

Don’t even think about changing the radio in the car or we would hear “The driver is captain of the ship” and thus we inevitably listened to whatever he chose.

And this eve of election, one more quote he used often comes to mind. He voted every election, feeling it was a privilege and duty of a citizen. When he would come home after voting with the little button on his lapel we would always ask him “Who did you vote for Dad?” He would always reply “The secret ballot is the right of every American and a defense against tyranny”, and that would be all we got.

In all our years, he never told me how he voted.

20 Comments on “secret ballot – quotes”

  1. Happy voting! There are people dying every day for the right to vote. We are priviledged in north america.

  2. mindfuldiary says:

    Smiling allthough reading this post. So much wisdom. So, that is why you are also a man of few words. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? ;P Good luck with election today! Where I come from there are two topics never talked about, salary and who one votes for. Haha, so your father is right.

  3. Maybe it is a generational thing, but I don’t get it. I just always thought as a child that my parents were weird.

  4. Bumba says:

    I’ve been saying the same thing to all the pols and pollsters who have been calling me asking how I’m going to vote.

  5. i suspect a vote is going on… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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