the party is over… yars

It was so long ago, but still I recall when I was promoted from the “B” team ( second team ) to the “A” team ( first team ) the post game parties got wilder. Now that I look back I see that the “A” team played first, and we enjoyed a beer or two while the “B” team played, and a few more while the “C” team played and then went to the bar until the party started. We were well preserved while the others were just getting started.

I was only nineteen, I thought that was how every one drank, at least everyone I knew on the team.

How could I tell if the party had been fun? When next morning I awoke in bed, and taking stock of my surroundings discovered I still had my rugby cleats on, the party was fun.

YARS – yet another rugby story


25 Comments on “the party is over… yars”

  1. emjayzed says:

    I enjoyed wine last night – I am not enjoying it so much today.

    Cool story, it seems very “movie-like” to me. A different world – both in time and culture, I think that adds to the enjoyment factor for me. Please keep the stories coming!

    • billgncs says:

      thanks for reading, I appreciate that. I also enjoy hearing about the things in your life. Our lives are history, not so grand and famous, but the flavor, a piece of our times.

      Funny about wine, it always seems like such a good idea at the time ( smile )

  2. You are sooo funny! I too, remember those crazy days. I don’t even drink now, maybe I am wiser???

  3. did you have a hangover??

  4. It’s good to have measuring sticks 🙂 Ahh youth – when you could stay up for 2 days and party all night!

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