saved by a good samaritan…

My car wasn’t a junker. It cost me $1,500 was was a Lime Green 1968 Chevy Nova. Of course the calendar read 1978. It was a clean rustless car with a flat bench seat in the front. Youngsters may think bucket seats more comfortable, but when your favorite girl sits next to you and you take that sharp right turn, centrifugal force tucks her perfectly against you. It’s a fine fine feeling.

The first snowy day in Cleveland leaves the roads slushy and crowded, but if you take the back ways you can zip right where you want to go. Waiting at one of my “back ways” for the green light on that cold cold day, my world shook. “Holy Crap”, it’s an earthquake. Then I noticed the young girl in the car behind me. The car that just slid into mine. I think I might have been mad and said a bad word or two, like “What the BLEEP did you do to my car?”, for she locked her doors and wouldn’t get out until the police arrived. She was a nice kid, it was an honest mistake, but once again I was driving a junker, this one with the trunk held shut by a rubber bungee cord.

Just two days later, the stop light changed to green, and pulling ahead I heard brakes squeal, then a huge crash as my car spun around twice whipping me around like a bowl of jello in a washing machine. A doctor had run the light and slammed into my door. I was woozy and had to climb out the window, ( not sure why I didn’t use the other door.) A policeman was quickly onsite and started to write me a ticket. He saw my bungeed trunk and had jumped to the conclusion I was at fault, no help from the doctor.

At that moment, a middle aged fellow came up. He had seen the whole thing and he waited in case he was needed. Did I want his address and phone number. I searched through my car, and the only paper I had was an old valentine from my girlfriend. I handed him the heart shaped card, and smiling he wrote his information on it. That saved the day.

I took the insurance money from the two wrecks, and saved it. I drove that old Nova until spring, dreaming of a brand new car. After all, I was young and spry, and it was kinda cool to get in and out jumping through the window.

May you be a good Samaritan to someone in need, and may your valentine save you from trouble.


26 Comments on “saved by a good samaritan…”

  1. Kris Kennedy says:

    Bungee cord and Valentine card…smiles all the way around…a cool write with much thought…don’t assume…

  2. As usual, a useful tale… and I’m still chuckling about the bungee cord!

  3. My parents had a 1972 4-door brown Chevy Nova. My brothers and I used to pile in the back (me being the only girl I always got stuck sitting in the middle). When we took long road, we could sit our little Styrofoam cups of Mountain Dew up on “the shelf” behind us by the back window. Those cups never moved. Well, except when my little brother had to “go” and we were at a place where we couldn’t stop the car. 🙂

    Beautifully written my friend.

  4. Love these car stories. Glad the witness waited. Did the doctor just take off or did he stick around and check your pupils or something…?

  5. ericmvogt says:

    You made me think of my Dodge Dart with that one, Bill! And of makin out in the front seat. Lol

  6. Seb says:

    The Chevy nova is an American masterpiece!

    • billgncs says:

      It was a good car, and there were no airbags, and I don’t think seat belts so it took a direct hit and kept me alive.

      That one, when I sold it, was used for a demolition derby.

      thanks for stopping by

  7. awww! so did you get a new car that spring? if so what kind?

  8. “may your valentine save you from trouble.” I have. 🙂

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