dressed down….

At twenty-two or so, I was running the operations staff of eight people. They were all older than I was and I certainly made every mistake possible trying to manage that grumpy unhappy lot. Each morning I would present a summary of the previous day and night to my boss Fred W. Fred was ex-military, a huge guy both tall and wide. I don’t know if he was a captain or private but his highs were ice swept mountain peaks, and his lows were… well they were low.

One morning I charged into his office, “Fred, we have a problem”….

He looks me up and down. He had this way of saying “Jesus Christ” in a manner that used about seven syllables and lasted ten seconds. By the time he was into “Je e e e”, I thought “Uh oh….”

What the bleep do you think you are doing charging in here? No Hello! No bleep good morning Fred, how was your bleeping evening? Jee ee eee ss uuu ssss H Cree ii sssst. Can’t you even run this bleep bleep bleep shop for one bleep bleep night? I outta bleep bleep fire your bleep right now.”

It continued for what seemed like days. I thought, I’m dead. I’ll lose my car, my apartment, someone will find my body in the street. Sheer terror and panic swallowed me. But I was also pissed, and I bit my lip ( it really works ) to keep from showing my mortification, and just stood there calmly. After what was only a few minutes he stopped. Looked me up and down, laughed while declaring “God Damn, nothing fazes you, what’s up?”

Moral: Never, ever forget to say good morning.


34 Comments on “dressed down….”

  1. Oh my goodness. I can barely breathe. Good morning!

  2. russtowne says:

    LOL! Loved the punch line!

  3. Shannon says:

    HAHA – good advice for the work place! (and any place I suppose)

  4. mindfuldiary says:

    hahahaaaa. Well, good morning! ;D

  5. TheOthers1 says:

    Wow! Gent was intense. Kept your cool better than I would’ve. What was the problem?

  6. I believe it wouldn’ t have even mattered in the manner it would have been said – as long as it would have been “Good morning!”. 🙂
    So, yes – Good morning to you, and a great day will follow!

  7. haha Thats just great! really entertaining… i could see that mountain of a man!

  8. I guess you learned your lesson. 🙂

  9. pause says:

    if you want to take place in he 2nd rodposse photography competition stay tuned
    Thank you

  10. Linda says:

    A nice smile and a good morning is always the best way to start the day – but what a way to have to have learnt the lesson 🙂

  11. good morning from me too. And no bleeps.
    And why is Ms. Sustainabilitea so bleeping nice to you in the morning? Ha!

  12. haha the calm one always win or as my new boss says whoever is (or appears to be) the least uncomfortable has the upper hand.

  13. Clanmother says:

    A wonderful example of leadership in action…

    • billgncs says:

      thanks for commenting. What was interesting was that he ended up being one of my favorites, because he always let you know exactly what he wanted. The drama was a bit much, but he spent alot of time helping me improve.

  14. That’s why I always like to talk to you in the morning. 🙂 (Not that you’ll ever hear me using that language, but it’s a great start to the day.)

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