Have a blessed thanksgiving

When I received my cancer diagnosis following my surgery in January, I wasn’t sure there would be one. But like this picture of the sunset on Cape May ( which has something awry but I can’t place my my finger on it ) I am thankful for every sunset, and those who fill my life with love.

sunset at cape may NJ

May your days be full of love.

18 Comments on “thanksgiving”

  1. russtowne says:

    May you be sending such posts 40 year from now! (That will also give you time to practice keeping your finger off the lens!) ;-D!


  2. emjayzed says:

    hahahaha! I don’t know what’s making me laugh more – the picture or the comments! Seriously, I’m guffawing loudly by myself, I scared the dog!

    Happy Thanksgiving. It is not a holiday I am familiar with but it sounds like it should be celebrated by all. Happy. Thanksgiving. Can’t go wrong there really, can you!

  3. I’ve fingered a few myself

  4. What a beautiful picture.

  5. Well I’ll try but ours isn’t until next Oct. 😉 I can’t put my finger on the pic issue either…
    Happy Thanksgiving and have many more!

  6. Clanmother says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Every moment, every breath is precious. Thank you for sharing the moment…

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