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I had the opportunity to observe an amazing dinner party. Intimate, hosted by my friend a Renaissance man and his wonderful psychoanalyst wife, we ( our hosts, my lovely well read wife and beautiful artist daughter and I ) dined with two engineers, world travelers now retired, and two art historians. We spoke of beauty and truth. The value of art, and the meaning of words, Bernini ( 15th century Italian artist ) and art in the expression of the sacred.

What would Freud have thought of General Petraus? Was he the betrayer or the betrayed. What does democracy really mean. Spellbound I observed, savoring the wine, the food, the thought and it hit me. These art historians, much published, at eighty years young were as alive and full of interest as any of us. Their experience, their elegance, their enthusiasm teaches us to never lose the magic of life.

Here are a few images of the magic of Cape May Point.

The light tower in morning fog.

lighthouse in morning fog

A one legged sand piper, hopping as quickly on one leg as his brethren do on two as they dart in and out feeding and avoiding each incoming wave.

a one legged sand piper lives strong

Swans so strong in flight that their wings hum and sing as they fly overhead move effortlessly through the water.

swan king in the rushes

May you embrace life all of your days.

19 Comments on “cape may images”

  1. vbholmes says:

    Just curious–“why did Berlini’s Saint Francis have stigmata ( the marks of the cross ), but not the piercing in his side like Christ”? Sounds like you had a marvelous–and stimulating– Thanksgiving celebration in a special spot on the Jersey Shore.

    • billgncs says:

      Well, the engineer who has built factories all over the world said, “Berlini didn’t have enough time to finish it”, but the answer is no one knows. But we decided that though St Francis lived a life of poverty and suffering ( hence the four symbolic stigmata ) the fifth was death, and death was overcome in the resurrection it was absent from St Francis.

      What do you think?

      • vbholmes says:

        You asked–:-).Your conclusion about the resurrection certainly sounds like a valid explanation. Another could be that the account of the stabbing is thought, by some, to have been added to reinforce the fact that Christ was actually dead when removed from the Cross. Perhaps, for the artist, and/or his patron, the wound from the spear was not embued with the same mysticism as those on his hands and feet which were inflicted while he was alive. Is Giovanni Bellini’s “St. Francis in the Desert” (Frick) the painting you were discussing? If so, a very pedestrian observation could be that St. Francis’ wound is generally accepted to be on his right side, and compositionally, it worked better to show him from the left in that painting.

  2. Shannon says:

    Few joys like a great meal and intellectual conversation!

  3. Kris Kennedy says:

    Such culture…what great stimulation and fodder for stories and poetry…fun photos, too.

    • billgncs says:

      yes Kris — questions like why did Berlini’s Saint Francis have stigmata ( the marks of the cross ), but not the piercing in his side like Christ.

      I am always happy when you stop by.

  4. life never ends…

    Sounds like it was a great night of intellectuality and friendship and love

  5. emjayzed says:

    Oh and the photos are great too – you have a good eye for composition!

  6. emjayzed says:

    Many of us can use words but not like you do. So wonderfully written, as always 🙂

  7. May you embrace life all of your days…love that line. Great photos!

  8. jiltaroo says:

    As I said before, it sounds like a wonderful evening. Thank you for sharing more of it along with the beautiful photos.

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