cape may light house

Alone against the elements, the light house stands in defiance to wind and sea.

Light Tower and Moon

Up six winding flights of 25 steps each is the bright light, visible at sea as far as twenty four miles away. We brace against the wind leaving hat and gloves inside and step out onto the walkway.

view from above

We work our way around, each step pushing against the cold clear wind. I look and my light as a feather daughter is pulling herself around one bar at a time.

Hang on tight — big winds

The final adventure in Cape May Point. For the last evening, The Cape May Point Red Store, dinner, including the local scallops are beyond excellent.

18 Comments on “cape may light house”

  1. russtowne says:

    I’m a lighthouse lover. To me they symbolize many positive things including quiet strength, service,, sacrifice for the good of others, a beacon of hope, rising above challenges, a friend reaching out to help, standing up for those in trouble, competence and confidence, being albe to stand up to get through life’s mightiest storms, and more. And they are beautiful to me. I’m blessed to live fairly close to several lighthouses on the U.S. West Coast. Thank you for this post.


    • billgncs says:

      yes, they are anchors. My friend’s house has the windows in the living room set so that you can look up at night and see the beam rotating.Functional and beautiful.

  2. mobius faith says:

    Love the “no shouting” sign in the last image. Nice series of shots.

  3. sounds wondrful ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. All these photos just remind me so much of he Maritime Provinces! I really love lighthouses, they have always seemes like welcoming beacons to me, like they’re saying, “welcome, and you are safe here.”

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