conspiracy – history – book review

First grade in 1963 was butchwax, flattop haircuts and big thick plastic glasses. The boys are attired in white shirts and dark pants while the girls sport skirts and plaid jumpers and saddle shoes. This wasn’t a private school with uniforms, this was public school.

It must have been right after recess when we returned all sweaty to sit at our tiny desks all in a row. We usually sat for a minute and Mrs Rasinen would come in and read aloud to us. We were quiet, waiting eagerly for this was the biggest treat of each day.

She burst in, not composed, sure and smiling as always, but red faced and runny nosed. She was weeping, haltingly declared, “It’s the president, he’s been shot. Everything’s going to be OK, come down to the auditorium, until we can send you home.”

The president, who’s that? He was important, I kinda knew, maybe. But she was scared, I was scared. She was crying, almost all the kids were crying. We waited in the dark auditorium while she brooded about us like a mother hen, and then silently we filed out to the buses and home.

Now, nearly fifty years later I sat down with From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle: One FBI Agent’s View of the JFK Assassination by Don Adams and read the story of one man who was as close as anyone but the conspirators. Conspirators, you might say? Conspirators, those who killed him, and those Americans in high places who covered it up. It’s a dry book, much like an FBI agent’s reports might have read. It left me sad. For though I am not naive, misplaced trust in high places is everyone’s loss.

How did I find this nonfiction novel? A friend of the family, an ex FBI man vouched for the author and the book.

May you come to conclusions of your own.


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  1. prayingforoneday says:

    I was 10 years in the making when he died.
    I have what people call “A conspiracist” I call people like me “Truth Finders” The word conspiracy will make people look away.

    There is no argument JFK and his brother didn’t fit into what we see now, a police state world where the illusion of freedom is as clear as the death that would become anyone who was like JFK.
    When Obama got into office I think many, all over the world thought he would be a JFK type and fix the world of its problems.
    Sadly he was just another puppet.

    Good blog by the way

    • billgncs says:

      thanks — I appreciate the thought.

      From what I see in Chicago, Obama just took Chicago politics to DC.

      Corporations are “entities” under the law, and after a time corporations or agencies or governments become entities that lose sight of the thought to serve, and instead become self-perpetuating. I think that’s where we are now.

      I don’t recall if it was Jerry Pournelle in “The Mote in God’s Eye” a sci-fi book in which he postulates that a benign dictatorship is the best form of government, but it never lasts longer than one generation.

      I always feel that people get the kind of government they deserve. A sad harsh statement, but one that seems to reflect the US where incumbents are in for life and above the law. Sometimes you get a Poland where they throw back the chains of oppression, but mostly people are like water, moving along the path of least resistance.

      • prayingforoneday says:

        postulates that a benign dictatorship <,
        We said. the illusion of freedom is better than all our dictatorship, always will be. That way the people feel free and go about life as Sheeple < Blog I done earlier.

        I think you are right about most people, they just "Live in ignorance" but I guess living the lie is better for some that living the truth..

        Cheers again

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  3. emjayzed says:

    I’m an Aussie, born in 1972 but this event still holds great significance to me. My mum told me about JFK’s assassination when I was old enough to understand and how his death was such a tragic loss to not just the USA, but the world.

    I often wonder how the world would be now had the killer’s aim not been true.

    I recently read Stephen King’s book 11/22/63 – although it is fantasy it is an interesting take on the “what if” and the “butterfly effect”.

    Have you read it?

    • billgncs says:

      It always seems that history flows like water downhill over the path of least resistance, but sometimes people arise who through force of will or intellect can change it. His early death was a great loss.

      I had not read that book, but I will check it out, thanks. How’s work ?

  4. very interesting and oh how I remember watching it on television that day, it was the first time I had ever seen anything like it on tv and for it to be the president, now I have seen so much kiling and maiming on television I wonder if it would impress upon me as it did that Nov. 22nd? Now that I think about it yes I believe it would just as Ruby ridge, Waco and 9-11 did.

  5. I was in class – middle school – 8th grade, I believe – us boys were laughing and having a good time, goofing around we called it then – when the announcement was made that the president had been shot. I will never forget that “us boys” were still laughing and playing, a little in shock, but dealing with the anxiety by being the idiots that we usually were – until Adrienne came over – slight, petite and tiny but in your face always – and up she comes into our faces – tears streaming down her own face and telling us, in no uncertain terms, to shut up!

    We covered our mouths, stifled our laughter – and kept quiet.

    Later, the magnitude of what had happened sank in.

    Conspiracy? – most probably. Unfortunately, we’ll not know in our lifetime; and certainly too late for any action, though little action isi taken, if ever, in this country – or any country for that matter.

    Most of all, it was just sad to lose him – and at such a young age.


    • billgncs says:

      yep, one of those things we remember where we were when it happened. Another is when the US beat the Russians in Olympic hockey. I remember that. There’s a couple more events this reminds me of.

      agree about the sad. There is a really good story about Bobby Kennedy at the beginning of the book, and later it suggests who had the most to gain from impeding the investigation.

  6. Ever read Libra, the don delillo book it? Excellent.

  7. wow a big moment in history.

  8. I thought JFK was shot in ’63?? Man you have a good memory, have I ever mentioned that?

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