it’s a girl thing – four

More girl’s basketball adventures….

It became our ritual. Winter or summer following dinner we’d dry the dishes and head out to the hoop.
That first night I pushed or bumped her every time she shot. The first rebound, I boxed her out and forced her three steps back. She stood arms akimbo, shocked expression exclaiming, “Da-ad?”

“Webbs gotta be tough”, and we played the next point.

I massacred my sweet timid child night after night. But we worked on things, how you need three moves, and everything starts with an explosive first step, and if you step with your inside leg hard, you seal off your defender. And then one night I reached lazily for a loose ball and a little blonde rocket blasted past me and popped the ball through the hole. The next rebound “Ummmph” somebody boxed me out and knocked me three steps back. I stood, arms akimbo looking incredulously at my sweet daughter. She looked up at me, nervous and questioningly, “Webbs gotta be tough?”

Proud laughter was my answer. Her game blossomed in front of me and around me. The hoop’s chain net sang ( our nylon net always ended up in bird nests ) as jumpers rained home and that Chizzzzingggg remains a joyful sound to me.

34 Comments on “it’s a girl thing – four”

  1. russtowne says:

    BIG SMILES! Good coaching! ;-D!

  2. Shannon says:


  3. TheOthers1 says:

    You have an uncanny ability to write stories that touch me and make me smile. Brimming with lessons?

  4. jiltaroo says:

    What a Dad! I can imagine your pride. Now that is something that I have never been good at!

  5. Ahh I’m loving this story. When the student surpasses the master…

    • billgncs says:

      yes, that’s what we want. To me, the actual best thing about basketball is not the official games, but the pickup games in the summer at the playground.

      There is a joy in that, a freedom that’s hard to explain.

  6. Nice story. Chizinngg rings true as opposed to swoooossshhhh.

    So let’s see – you played soccer and basketball, got you ass whupped by your sister and daughter, your wife is a PE land shark eating gymnast instructor, and you guys are equestrians who like to ride bareback. Just your average family.



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