I have these Olathe boots. With blue embroidered uppers we journeyed horseback around the mountain a bit. They’ve scrambled over a few rocks and trod through the corral and muck.

Olathe Boots out of Kansas City Missouri

Olathe Boots out of Kansas City Missouri

And sometimes after a ride, my two little cowgirls would each grab one, straining and pulling until tumbling back they claim a leather trophy. My youngest would don them, boots up to her thighs and with a stick horse as her companion, gallop galump, galump, galump about the cabin.


26 Comments on “boots”

  1. russtowne says:

    Funny, I always pictured you a bit taller and older! ;-D!

    What a great photo of a mighty cute girl.


  2. You are one lucky dude to have such beautiful girls! (the boots are nice too!)

  3. So cute! I have cowgirl boots and i love to horseback ride!

  4. Ah! Memories I had a pair of hand me down when I was little. I took them the last mile. I has another pair in the 90’s. Loved the coolness of them.

  5. I have a pair – I about them at the Alberta Boot Company. They were expensive but they last a lifetime and they are very comfortable! Your daughter looks like you at this age!

  6. ah I miss my old ‘Ropers” ended up planting them in the “boot hill” a few years back, after the second set of heels wore out the leather was split at the little toe on the right foot and the tongue from the left one was missing…thanks to a puppy but I loved those boots the leather molded like soft butter around my feet from the first moment I tried them……..Sorry I started out going to say what a wonderful photo and a precious memory of your boots and daughters they are lucky to have such a loving father.

  7. jiltaroo says:

    I miss my boots. They have all gone to heaven. Mine were plain old “Blundstone” nothing so fancy, but I’m sure if my boots and yours got together, they would have a damn good conversation.

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