present pleasure

Do you find more pleasure in giving?

One of my earliest memories as a toddler is coming down the stairs with my sister to see a Christmas tree so surrounded with presents they seemed to approach the shiny star glistening at the top. I have been blessed with many wonderful things.

Perhaps love, the ability to love another, changes us from receivers to givers. It allows us to take pleasure in the work of our hands crafting or toiling for someone else. It could be a seventeen year old boy giving his girlfriend a necklace with a cross with the tiniest of diamonds in it, ( and having her mother in horror and panic ask “Does this mean you are engaged?”) Or a father purchasing his daughters their first pearls, and a husband a fine gold necklace for his wife. There is something in the giving that rewards us.

My favorite gifts are silly, like their own can of whipped cream for two young girls, or the monkey with the rubber band arms that howls as you shoot it across the room.

There is treasure in the giving, and in the joyous acceptance of gifts from others. After all, this time of year we celebrate the greatest of gifts.

22 Comments on “present pleasure”

  1. i have to admit i like both but if you like giving i have a list! LOL

  2. Shannon says:

    You and Mom & Megan are the greatest of gifts….right after the Blue Buick 😉


    Before for sure 🙂

  3. I love this post and I would say I have enjoyed both at various times in my life. Merry Christmas Bill and thanks for the gift of you in the blogosphere. 🙂

  4. My favorite stuff is buying the silliest gifts I could find to give to family and loved ones. Really, their reaction after opening those silly gifts are reward enough. The only thing I regret is not having a camera to capture those moments. That’s going to be one of my Christmas resolutions, haha!

  5. Would rather give than receive, but blessed either way!! We don’t give to anyone at Christmas time that is an adult in our family only to the children under the age of 13. We believe that Christs birthday is to be celebrated and that he gave us the greatest gift of all so we gather for a great meal and visiting, games, football etc. We do adopt a family from our local Salvation Army and or Social Services and try to do an angel tree gift or two. I am fortunate that my girls all chip in and we do this as a whole family instead of just Bob and I on our fixed income. God is Great and has blessed us so much we in turn must pass it on! MERRY CHRISTMAS Bill to you and yours!!

  6. Giving is wonderful, especially to those you love and to those who don’t expect it.

  7. Clanmother says:

    I especially liked “in the joyous acceptance of gifts from others” because it reminded me of the best Christmas present that I received from my 3 year old son, many, many years ago…

  8. Nifti says:

    For me is both. I am happy to be receiving, but giving has rewards that calm my spirit if I’m paying attention.

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