do you like caviar ?

I first encountered caviar some twenty years ago at a wedding and it was horrific. Then years later at an anniversary party and then again for Thanksgiving with friends we met again. This time in a tart, it was exquisite. Maybe it was me that had changed.

Caviar tart, bread,  goat cheese.... among others...

Caviar tart, goat cheese…. among others…

May your tastes grow to the excellent in all things in life.

63 Comments on “do you like caviar ?”

  1. I was six. It was Christmas Eve and the house was filled with friends and family. My mother, always willing to please and impress put out beautiful crystal bowls of the delicacy with tiny silver spoons and assorted crackers on a platter. She warned me that it was a grown up delicacy and I would not like it and not to touch it.

    Convinced that she did not want me to eat all of the “jelly” My sister and I decided that we would try the forbidden fruit when the adults were out of the room. We slathered the thick “jelly” on our crackers and popped the whole thing into our mouths. As I crunched down, the salty slimy balls burst in my mouth and I promptly threw up.

    Uh, did I share that I got a spanking and sent to my room? Not a good Christmas and I will never eat it again. LOL

    (Spanking at that time was not illegal and my parents believed in not sparing the rod. But that is another story!!)

  2. Nifti says:

    Haha. You both changed 🙂 nice story.

  3. Lori Lipsky says:

    Caviar. Haven’t had the pleasure. Something to look forward to. 🙂

  4. I like your final thought / I hope we strive toward excellence. I don’t like caviar too much and I’ve had the really inexpensive to the very good stuff. Too salty but as a light garnish – its good
    so nice to meet you
    thanks for your visit

  5. “May your tastes grow to the excellent in all things in life!” Beautiful quote!

  6. Bodhirose says:

    I first tried caviar at a wedding too and thought it was awful. But since that time, I became a vegetarian so I think caviar and I will never meet again…fine by me! 🙂

  7. I remember thinking that about Olives, I had my first one during a french lesson at school aged about 13, I was the only one of our class willing to try it and I almost spat it out. I love them now; but I still hate caviar *yuck*

  8. mindfuldiary says:

    I’ve eaten a lot of caviar. I enjoy it a lot. Though I remember it being better during my childhood, we ate authentic Russian caviar directly from mother Russia as normal every day food with fresh baked bread or blini and sour cream. Yum! Many caviars found today in stores are not the real deal.

    • billgncs says:

      I think my friends can afford the real deal.

      that sounds like a great combination.

      I’d love to hear about some of the foods you enjoyed as a child, and what you feed yours now.

      How are you?

      • mindfuldiary says:

        I’m sure they can. I call only Russian caviar for real deal ;D. I grew up on simple, organic,fresh foods from my grandparents farm. Even now I still, prefer 2-4 ingredient simple dishes. The kind that I can see and clearly taste all the ingredients. That’s what I make for my kids too, everything from Russian to African cusine. I don’t mind fancy (when cooked for me) but I almost never cook complicated dishes. In fact I’ve just found out about 1 pot cooking recipes. Simple dishes + no pile of dishes. Win! I’m fine, good to be back, spring is here and so is sunshine. 🙂

  9. Ok I haven’t had my breakfast yet..tests today …but all this talk of food is really stretchingmy willpower. LOL as much as I have tried I cannot acquire the taste of caviar in any way shape or form. But those of you that have bravely tried and enjoyed…here have my share..;)

  10. Chatty Owl says:

    Caviar and champagne. Can never go wrong!

  11. i wouldn’t be able to get past my brain to try it!

  12. All this food talk is making me hungry. I’m making me a baloney and american cheese with mayo on white bread sandwich.

    If you’re “mostly vegan” does that mean you’re (Jan) a megan or a veman? And does this mean that you can also be mostly pregnant as opposed to a little pregnant?

    And Bill – can you have your eggs and eat it, too?

    So many things to ponder…

  13. You have NO IDEA what a challenge it is for me to give you the last word on my post! 🙂

  14. Whimsy Mimsy says:

    I tried it once…and am willing to taste again if given the chance, but…I will say that there are many things I’d pick over it to try!

  15. Clanmother says:

    You have developed a sophisticated taste! I always knew that you had a James Bond elegance…

  16. I have never even been able to bring myself to try it!

  17. I felt the same way thirty years ago, horrific. I tried this orange stuff at a bar-Mitzi a few years back, I was surprise that it was caviar quite good. Won’t try the black one again though. Even though I’m sure my taste has changed.

  18. bert0001 says:

    I eat cooked and fried mussels, french snails and I have eaten termites before, but the last time i ate caviar, I was only eight years old, and unaware that I had to learn to use my tastebuds, just like I had to learn to use my eyes and my ears.
    At an early age, such an exposure can be disastrous. I haven’t tried since.
    Never ate oysters either …

  19. I’m actually a “mostly vegan”, who breaks for great cheese, proscuitto and a few other things. 🙂

  20. Party food is my favorite! My Boston friend calls it “pickies” bc you pick at it instead of sitting down to a full meal. Mmmmmmm!

  21. Cara Thereon says:

    The one and only time I’ve had caviar was when I was in Russia in 2005. It was way too salty, but a delicacy to them so I ate it. Nice set up in that photo.

    • billgncs says:

      good for you, eating adventures start that way! This was a base of crumbled boiled eggs, cream cheese and then caviar spread on top. It was killer good.

  22. Cara Thereon says:

    The one and only time I’ve had caviar was when I was in Russia in 2005. It was way too salty, but a delicacy to them so I ate it. Nice set up in that photo.

  23. Ew!!!!!! Caviar … I’m a veggie-head, ew is an expected response, but I like you and your blog!

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